My Fiera® Remote is Not Working to Control my Fiera®

Please make sure your Fiera is fully charged. The remote may not be paired to your Fiera®.  Fiera® comes paired with your remote. However, if you ever have to re-pair it, here's what you do. This will also apply if you need a replacement remote.

1. Hold down the "Pattern" and the "+" buttons simultaneously on the Fiera®for 5 seconds. The LED will blink Blue.

2. Press the "Pattern" and the "+" buttons on the remote  simultaneously and hold down for 5 seconds. They will need to be placed within 3 feet of each other.

3. Once the remote and Fiera® are paired, you may see a momentary blue light. The remote LED will then mirror the Fiera® LED.

It is now paired and ready to use!

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