Changing Patterns and Stimulation Levels on Fiera®

Learn how to adjust Fiera's patterns and stimulation levels while using the product with our short, instructional video!

Fiera sits over the clitoris and is held in place by a soft, silicone ring that adheres with gentle suction to the area between a woman’s inner and outer labia. The unique design serves several important functions:
It helps to encourage blood flow in the clitoris, a key physical reaction that signals your body that you are ready for sex.
It provides direct clitoral stimulation, accelerating the effect of the suction.
The suction holds the product in place so that your hands are free for other activities.

Fiera is tucked under the labia and worn over the clitoris, a woman’s most sensitive sexual organ to enhance arousal through a proprietary combination of gentle suction and multi-focal stimulation. As the nerve endings in the clitoris respond, a woman begins to experience enhanced sensation to the genital area, which triggers a physical state of arousal.

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